10 Fun Free Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

free date night ideas

I thought I’d give a little nod to Valentine’s day with 10 Fun Free Out of the Box Date Ideas.


Planning date night can be hard whether your single or married.  There’s a lot of pressure. So I’m here to help! These date night ideas are free (or pretty close to it) and will definitely earn you creativity points.

  1. Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s do a free workshop

    Call me crazy but I would love to learn how to install a tile backsplash or light fixture. Why not do it together? It could be a fun bonding experience and so practical! I don’t like sitting still too much so this would be ideal for someone like me. Walking away, feeling like a learned something is a major plus for me.

  2. Check out a Book Club at the local library

    I’ve always wanted to check out a book club. It would be super cool to have someone to go with.

  3. Go to the Dog Park

    If you are dating a dog lover, taking the pooches to meet each other or even just showing interest in his/her canine companion could be a big step!

  4. Geocache

    So I’ve never gone GeoCaching but I think it would super fun. It would be a great opportunity to put your heads together and get some serious creativity points for whoever planned it.

  5. Puzzle/Board Game Night

    I love doing puzzles and playing board games.  I do them with my kids usually, but I’ve always dreamed of completing a huge puzzle with my SO (I finally gave up and got the kids to fulfill that dream too – we did a 1,000 piece puzzle one rainy day) or having a board game night and playing Cards Against Humanity (needs 4+ players) or the Walking Dead board game.

  6. Volunteer at the Soup Kitchen or Habitat for Humanity

    What a great bonding experience. Bonus points for being compassionate and amazing. I mean seriously le swoon for anyone who would suggest this.

  7. Find out which museums are free or have free days

    For example, there is a modern art museum in my city that is entirely free. There is also a beautiful art museum that has “Pay what you want Wednesdays.” How fun and cultural. Just don’t be a dick and be that guy/girl who donates NOTHING at a pay what you want type of place. That wouldn’t look so good, but take advantage of these opportunities (great for a day out with the kids too).

  8. Workout Together!

    Go for a run or a bike ride or even check out a couple’s workout on youtube.
    So I already said that I can’t stand sitting still for too long, but if we could work out together that would be awesome. I have so much to do on any given day (we all do I know) so actually fitting in a workout would be a great use of time. Having a running/biking buddy gets you to actually get out and run, but it also makes the miles go by faster if you have someone to talk to. Boxing is always awesome too or couples yoga.

  9. Take a Canvas and Easel to the Park

    I have been dying to do one of those Paint’N’Sip events. I have absolutely no artistic ability and honestly it would be so embarrassing, but I’m pretty sure making up entirely new lyrics to Grease dubbing them “The Geriatric Years” (a.k.a. I got chills from poor circulation) and then singing and dancing them in public because seeing your kids embarrassed is amazing is about as low as you can go. Grabbing canvas and paint (okay not exactly free) and taking it to the park, perhaps with a picnic, would be so much fun!

  10. Free outdoor movie

    This is definitely another more fair-weather activity, but at the end of last summer I discovered these. They are so cool. Google your city and movie nights or outdoor movie viewings. When I did this I found an entire listing of farms, parks, bars, etc that rent these giant inflatable screens and play movies. Last summer, the kids and I packed a picnic, a couple blankets, and watched GhostBusters just outside a playground in our city. This would be such a romantic date night idea as well.date night




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