5 “Board” Games for Family Game Night

Now that it’s getting chillier out, it’s a great time to take advantage of being indoors and instate a family game night. It’s great together time to have fun laughs as a family.  I love family game night!

Games are also great ways to work on lots of skills such as turn-taking, sportsmanship, patience, and motor skills. They create a fun, safe environment to grow for kids and adults alike.  We all have the potential to learn from one another.

A great and simple way to be ready for Game Night any night, is by having a couple favorite board games on hand.  They are pretty much grab and go.  No real prep work.  So if out of nowhere someone wants to play something, you can just grab one off of the shelf and go.

That being said, I wanted to share our current

5 Favorite “Board” Games for Family Game Night. 

5The Game of Life

Yup, old school, classic The Gameof Life Game.  The only actual game on a board on the list.  My son, 5, is now old enough to control himself long enough to play a game like this.  My daughter, 10, loves to be the banker and helps my son do some of the math too.  I mean, leave off the 0s, and the math is perfect for a kindergartener to practice. We have a ton of fun playing it.  And when we do, they can’t get enough of it for days.


Set is such a great game.  All 3 of us love to play it, but the length of time we last depends on how frustrating the deck is being. (I swear some days are better than others!)  If you’ve never played set before, the point of the games is to lay out cards face up and all the players try to find a set without touching the cards. A set is a group of three cards that are either ALL the same or ALL different on each of a set of criteria – shape, color, shading, number. When he or she sees a set, s/he yells”Set” and all of the players agree whether or not it is, indeed, a set.  Don’t worry. The instructions do a far better job explaining it. (If you do have a problem or question though, don’t hesitate to comment or e-mail me.)  This is super fun to play as  a family.  There is a lot of critical thinking involved in this game. The only downside is that my kids seem to get exceptionally competitive, more so than with other games. But we all really enjoy it and the way it forces us to put our thinking caps on.


For a long time, I refused to buy HedBanz as a boxed board game.  We were DIYing it with sticky notes by just writing nouns on the sticky notes and sticking them to each other’s foreheads.  Then you get to ask yes or no questions (i.e. am I a an inanimate object?) to figure out what you are.  This way totally works if you are on the go or just want to test the waters. Then, we got the game as a birthday present from one of my daughter’s friends and I really love it. There are cards that we would probably have never thought of.  Also, seeing it there on the shelf prompts us to play it more than when we have to think about it.  Is that lazy thinking?  Oh well, it does make us think about it more and we get a lot of use out of this silly guessing game.

Apples to Apples Junior

Apples to Apples Junior is such a fun word game. Players each get dealtcards with nouns on them.  The dealer has another set of cards from which he/she picks one and reads it out loud.  Players pick a card from their own hands that they think most closely relates to the dealers card.  The dealer then reads the cards and picks which one they think matches the best. (We make sure to be very anonymous and “shuffle” our chosen cards so there is no favoritism.) Sometimes it gets really silly! Especially when we get near the end of our hands!


Suspend, a Melissa & Doug game is our current favorite. My kids refer to it as “Jenga in reverse.” The game starts with a base and a pole sticking up.  The game pieces are little color coded rods with bends and notches.  There are three different methods of game play (that are described) with differing levels of difficulty.   But the gist of them all is to build a structure on the pole with the rods by balancing them on one another making sure not to have more than on any given notch or rod.  Follow that? If not, have no fear, it comes with instructions. My kids play it solo too, building structures, and testing different ways to balance.  It’s been a great learning activity. We discussed fulcrums and what happens if you put the cross-rod closer or further from it.  And of course it is just so much fun to see things fall!

So these are our current top 5. We have so much fun playing together, spending time, learning, and growing. I only hope that I can make it an even more consistent thing.

Are you going to have a game night this weekend? What games can you recommend? We are always looking for new ones!

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