Caregivers: You CAN take 5 minutes for yourself even when you can’t leave the home

Caregivers: You CAN take care of yourself (Even if you can only find 5 minutes and you can't leave the house)

So I gained 10 pounds in the past month. Because that’s what I do when I am stressed and completely ignoring my own needs. I end up just grabbing junky food that I really don’t want or need and eating it…and eating more of it…and eating more of it.

We all have our own ways of manifesting stress when we don’t slow down. I’m a stress eater and I get migraines and tension headaches (yes, I suffer from both) that can last for weeks. Maybe you don’t eat when your stressed and lose weight. Maybe you don’t sleep well when you are stressed out and then feel like you are walking around in a brain fog.

Whatever it is, however you manifest stress, it’s time for us to look after ourselves. I know it feels like there’s no way to take time for yourself. It seems like that’s the last thing you need to be doing sometimes when you are being pulled in all different directions. And it would be great to be able to go to the gym, sometimes it seems like it would be a great feat to even go for a walk around the block because you are needed inside. (If you can go for a walk around the block I highly recommend it! If you have kids that don’t want to go try suggesting an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt or walk a neighbor’s dog.)

If not, then here, Caregiver, are 7 ways to take care of yourself with only 5 minutes and without ever having to even leave the house.

Here they are. Make sure your share your easy ways to de-stress if you have more to add to the list! I know I need it and hopefully we can help each other as well as other super stressed parents and caregivers.

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