5 Nerdy Things: Halloween Treats for Your Halloween Party

My daughter has been obsessively planning  a Halloween party.  So when we decided to watch buy Hotel Transylvania on instant video, we thought that would be the perfect time to do a run through of some of the spooky, kooky treats we had in mind.  Some of the ideas we came up with are:wpid-wp-1445559002604.jpeg

  1.  Preserved worms
    What you need:
    gummy worms
    ice cube tray (with lid preferable)
    What to do:
    Put a gummy worm and water in each cube portion of the ice cube tray.
  2. Swamp juicewpid-wp-1445374606892.jpeg
    What you need:
    Gummy worms, optional
    What to do:
    Scoop sorbet into the bottom of the container.
    Poor Sprite over the sorbet.
    Add gummy worms if you so choose.
    Prepare for people’s grossed out faces.
  3. Oreo mummies
    What you need:
    White chocolate for melting or icingwpid-1445437642628.jpg
    Chocolate chips
    Piping bag or ziploc and scissors
    What to do:
    Melt the chocolate.  Do it slowly on medium, about 30 seconds at a time.  In the video below, I keep calling it icing which you could also use, but the chocolate hardens.
    Put the melted chocolate in the piping bag or in the ziploc and cut the tip off.
    Zig-zag or swirl the white chocolate on top of the Oreo cookie.
    Stick the chocolate chips into the chocolate.
    Allow to harden.
  4. Bloody Band-aids
    What you need:
    Graham crackers
    Strawberry preserves
    What to do:
    Quarter your graham crackers along the lines.  This creates the band-aid shape.
    Cut your apple into squares.  Place these in the middle of your graham cracker rectangle.  These are the gauze pads on the band-aid.
    Spoon as much or as little strawberry preserves onto it to make it gross and bloody!
  5. Clementine Pumpkinswpid-wp-1445619354096.jpeg
    What you need:
    What to do:
    Peel your clementine.
    Cut your celery into little slices.
    Stick your celery slice in the middle of your clemetine.
    Voila! Pumpkin!
  6. Halloween popcorn mix
    What you need:
    Pumpkin pie spice/Cinnamon Sugar/Any other spices that remind you of fall
    Candy corn/Candy pumpkins/Other fall candy
    What to do:
    Pop your popcorn.
    Sprinkle spices over it.
    Add candy corn, candy pumpkins, chocolate chips, or any other candy.

(I know this is 6 things, not 5, but just pick your least favorite and ignore it.)

*Note these are not all vegan so I didn’t eat all of it, but I’m sure with a few easy substitutions you can make them vegan*

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