5 Nerdy Things: Snow Day Edition

I love snow days!  I super love my jobs but an extra special day stuck in the house with the kids is so special.  Sometimes when they pop up on me however, I can be unprepared and left trying to figure out what to at the last minute.  So here’s hoping for just one more snow day (or snowy weekend) and some ideas of what to do.5nt snow day (2)

1. Play in the snow

Yeah, yeah Number 1 and not even so nerdy. I know, but the snow is just so fun and if the weather is bad enough to close schools and offices then you aren’t going to safely drive to a mountain to ski.  Unless you live on one and then, well, I’m just jealous.
So go play in the snow – make a snowman, make snow angels, sled, or “dogsled” (i.e. you are now their dog and must trudge around pulling a 45 and a 90 pound sled), have a long jump contest, or make an igloo.

5ntsnow (2)5ntsnow2 (2)

2. Be Meteorologists

The National Weather Service actually uses volunteers to provide the numbers for snowfall measurement.  There are two different measurements – new snowfall and snow depth.  Volunteers use two identical white boards and place them 20-30 feet away from the house.  One board will measure new snowfall and be measured and wiped off after every snow storm.  This  is your new snowfall measurement.  The other board does not get wiped off so it provides the measurement for the accumulated snow depth. Of course, I wouldn’t really expect results that should be sent in because, well, really, sometimes I just don’t wanna. But talk about the different measurements and go outside with a ruler at least, why not?  Anyways, check out the website with the official info here.

3. Make a Robot

This requires some planning ahead, but I have to say it wouldn’t hurt to order a couple of these 4M Box Robot Kit.   I am thinking about ordering more (like the 4M Doodling Robot or maybe the
6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Build Your Own Science Toy DIY )
because we enjoyed creating and playing with these little guys just so much!

robobuildalana (2) robobuildjon (2)
roboalana7 (2)robojon15 (2)

4. Write a Book

It’s as easy as folding some pieces of paper together, telling your child to make up a story and you write it down, a couple sentences on each page.  Then they can also illustrate the book they just authored.  You can even have them draw a picture and then make up a story about it while you write it down.  Older kids might like to try writing prompts.  There are plenty of great prompts online.  (You might want to check out this post with a round up some writing prompt sites.)  Sometimes I find it hard not to give them my ideas for where the story should go and just let them take the story wherever they want it to go or when they get stuck, it can be hard not to spoon feed them ideas.  But it’s so much fun to see where their minds can take them.

5ntsnoww (2)

5nt9 (2)

5. Travel to Another World

Travel to another world and hone your acting skills while your at it.  My daughter spent a good portion of a snow day recreation Diagon Alley in my house.  She had a sign for The Leaky Cauldron under which she placed an assortment of chocolate milks, a sign for Ollivanders under which she placed our wands, Gringotts with wallets, the Magical Menagerie with her Beanie Boos and so on and so on.  She even covered books for them to buy with their sickles and galleons.  It was amazing.  Of course, I became all of the shop owners when it was time for the kids to shop for their school supplies.  It was so much fun to be completely honest.

5ntsnowf (2)

Later I taught her some Excel and she made a beautiful class schedule and was ready for school to begin.  Following the class schedule, transfiguration was first so I threw my hair up in a bun, made my best Professor McGonagall face, grabbed a wand, and began my lesson on transfiguring inanimate objects into rodents and other creatures.  Then came Divination so I put a couple tea leaves in the bottom on the bottom of a couple of mugs, mussed my hair up, and sashayed into the room to begin the lesson on reading tea leaves.  I went all out because why not?  It makes it fun for all of us.

I can’t wait for the next snow day now! Can you?  What do you plan on doing?

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