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I had this whole plan to add a second day to my blogging schedule. I thought having a Friday Favorites would be such a great idea. Okay so then it went to adding 2 more days to my posting schedule and on and on. Because sometimes I get a little overambitious.

But with my full time job, my kids, my father (who had a stroke a couple of months ago), my daughter’s play rehearsal schedule (so worth it though – it is AMAZING), and so much else going on, posting 1 day a week still seems to be about all I’m good for. Not that I’m sure all you moms and dads out there don’t feel all of the same stresses and you are all amazing for all that you do! (Hopefully I’ll get it together soon and can increase my posting schedule because blogging makes my heart sing!)

Anyway, so here’s my favorites, just not yet on a Friday.

I have always wanted to join a book club! That’s when I found Sugar Maple Notes and her book club picks. I missed her earlier book club post where she read Big Magic, a book I’ve always wanted to read. Her April pick is See Me by Nicholas Sparks. I have never read a Nicholas Sparks, but I know a ton of people who swear by everything he ever does. It’s pretty out of my comfort zone, but I put a reserve on the book and the ebook at my library so hopefully one will free up soon!  

I loved reading this interview between Mary from Sprout & Blossom and Erin from My Green Closet. I have watched them both on YouTube and am always blown away by all of information one can garner from them!

Sheila from Real Moms Don’t Judge… is amazingly witty and has such great insight into things we do as moms. Here she discusses 4 things she hates about her life and why she blogs about it!

I think reading is so important! Check out Love Peace and Tiny Feet’s list of 5 ways to foster a love of reading in children. Make sure to comment below any additional tips you can add!

These blogging tips are fun to read. Oh! Could you imagine a whole day set aside to blog! I can’t even seem to set aside 15 minutes. But seriously love these girls, their heart, and their gorgeous blog.

Do you journal? I do! Love this post (and blog).

I love Just Playing House. She won a Liebster award and even though she nominated me, I am totally unbiased when I say you should read her answers because they are heart wrenching and beautiful and so real.

Okay so painting with celery? It looks like so much fun! I think it is a craft that will span the age range of my children. I mean even I want to make a fishy with celery painted scales!

And before you go check out this amazing water cycle bracelet my son made:

Water Cycle Bracelet

The blue is precipitation (get it rain?), and the clear is evaporation (cause we can’t really see it!), the white is condensation (like clouds), and then it happens all over again. So fun and such a great educational tool. He loves twirling it around and naming the beads. Precipitation Evaporation Condensation!

Add some links from your blog or one of your favorites in the comments! I love new favorites. (I have so so many more I love and will share in the future!)


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    1. I am thrilled (pun so totally intended haha) to be reading! Love that it pushed me out of my comfort zone 🙂

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