A GUACAMERGENCY! (or how to make guacamole in a pinch)

Gurglegggguurrrgggllllrlrrrgooooooo…a strange rumbling came from somewhere deep within. I glanced out of the corner of my eye to see if anyone else had heard it.  Sure enough there were four eyes querying me, four eyebrows raised in wonder,  and two half smiles waiting for the cue. My smile cracked, that was the cue, and laughter erupted while silliness ensued. “Woah man” I sighed, looking at them with a glint in my eye. “Nachos?” my mind-reading daughter asked.  A wink and a smile was my reply. The three of us tore to the kitchen, a little hand grabbed for the cheese (at the point of this writing I’ve only begun to incorporate veganism into our pescetarian lives, but I hear that Daiya shredded cheddar is tasty and melts really well – I’ll try it soon I’m sure). A slightly bigger hand grabbed the tortilla chips and the bowl. My hand went straight to the avocados. I grabbed the first one. Oh no, I thought as I let the hard unripe avocado go and reached for the next. My grip loosened as it too was firm against my palm.  To top it all off the tomatoes were gushy and smushy and gross. My heart sank, my face fell, my eyes glazed over with potential tears. This is terrible. It’s absolutely awful!  This is worse than my latest mid life crisis times three. This is. ..it’s. ..it’s. ..IT’S A GUACAMERGENCY!!! I threw my hand to my forehead as I fell to the floor.  Life as we know it is over!  Quoth the raven “Nevermore.”

Then came Katie from Slow Down and Savor, riding in on her white horse to rescue me from my guacamole-less stupor.  She saved me using knowledge alone, a little like the doctor(?), by sharing the most life changing  piece of information.  Did you know that you can ripen avocados in the oven?  You should check out her page for the specifics, but basically you wrap the avocado in tin foil, place it in the oven for 20 minutes on 250 and voila.  Well I suck at following rules sometimes because I already had something in the oven and it was already heated to 400 degrees.  So if you find yourself in this conundrum I found that 13 minutes is just about perfect.

As we pulled my shiny wrapped present out of the hot, hot, (400 degree) hot hovel, my giddy fingers squeezed and felt the give of the now softened fruit under my fingers.  The skin had turned an ominous shade of brown.  Oh no! We have cooked it!  But as we sliced into the precious fruit, I saw the light green shade and gave it another squeeze.  It’s perfect! I squealed with delight as we scooped it and dumped it and gave it a smush.  It mashed up just right, but I still had no tomato.

Saved by another blogger whose name starts with a “K,”  Kelly from the Centsible Life, has an Easy Guacamole Recipe post in which she makes guacamole with avocado, lime, and garlic salt.  I have garlic salt and no lime, but lime juice which is really the important part.

We sprinkled and dripped, and before too long, the crisis was averted.  The nachos were devoured with gusto and the guacamergency became a guacamazing nosh.  We relished every bite and can now have guac no  matter what the state of the avocado.  The world may begin to spin again and life can continue.  It’s okay everyone, we are going to survive.


(It’s almost impossible to take a good guacamole picture isn’t it?)

What was your latest food-related existential crisis?  What did you do or learn from it?  I’m always happy to learn more kitchen hacks or quick fixes!


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