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Hi! I’m Valerie.

I am a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and Health Coach with certifications in meditation, and stress management, and brain health.

I am also a single mom with 2 kids, a 24 hour caregiver for my father, and a passionate healthy living advocate. We have a blind bouvier, an adopted bearded dragon, and two birds. I love yoga, reading, hiking, writing, spending time with my kiddos, and just having massive amounts of fun.file_000

Ever since I was little I was interested in finding new methods of healthy living. I remember hiding in the library after school reading books on yoga and when we got internet access on our first computer I would sneak on it to look up aromatherapy. I felt there had to be another way.

When I got to university, I chose to major in therapeutic recreation. I got my bachelor’s of science and my first taste of a holistic view of health. It was stressed over and over that in order to have a full return to health, we need to focus on not only on the physical aspects of health, but also the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Once I had kids I realized just how easy it is to forgo healthy living principles in the name of convenience. Around the same time my father began to exhibit symptoms of dementia which led me to a focus on brain health as well as cardiovascular health. Thus began my interest in stress management, yoga, meditation because of all of their benefits.  I eventually became his primary caregiver,(after his diseases have progressed, he had a stroke, and cardiac diagnoses).  My interest in healthy living heightened because I was determined to learn about and mitigate the risk of lifestyle factors.

When you have a blind, one child having trouble getting dressed for school, one who needs a permission slip signed last minutes, and a father screaming that he needs a diaper change, it becomes too easy to fall back on fast food or frustration. So my focus then turned to how I can make all of the healthy living techniques and practices easy and accessible for my new whirlwind crazy life. We should all be able to live healthy lives without adding MORE stress or guilt to our lives. Healthy living can and should be a no-brainer. I wanted to spread the message so I decided to then pursue my certification as a health coach.

My mission is now to spread the message that healthy living can be easy and accessible to EVERYone no matter what their lifestyle. I want to help the world live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.


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