Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Outdoor Family Game

I know I’ve been big on the outdoors thing lately. But I’ve been super stressed and had a 2 week long migraine that just finally went away this past weekend (knock on wood!). Being outdoors is soothing to me both emotionally and physically. The fresh air seems to help my head maintain a somewhat tolerable pain level. I think it is good for all of us though, regardless. Kids need nature in their lives too. But sometimes, once their faces get glued to a screen, I simply cannot find the proper remover. Sometimes, it’s just easiest to put a wall between them and the offending device.

One particular day I felt the need to get my son outside, he just wasn’t having it. So I exclaimed “let’s go try to take pictures that look like letters of the alphabet!” My son loves to take pictures so he loved the idea of getting to take some pictures too. So armed with our cameras, we took to the streets.

I thought it  best that I set an example so I took the first picture of the letter “A”:

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - A

I showed him the picture and how the legs and seat of the chair come together to make a capital A. We traced the A in the picture with our fingers. So he got the idea and was excited to go off on our alphabet scavenger hunt.

Keep reading for more tips and to see some of the letters we found on our scavenger hunt.

This exercise is not about finding perfect letters or taking artsy photos. (At least not for us.) It was about getting outside and seeing the world in a whole new way – using our creativity and changing our perspectives of the world.

My daughter soon got off of her school bus and enthusiastically joined in the hunt and helped find more letters. So this activity is fun for both genders and all ages! I even had fun!

We didn’t find all of the letters. And we realized that some letters are just way easier to find. So some are multiples, but it’s fun to see the many different ways the letters can be made as well.

We found:

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - C

“The moon is a letter ‘C’!”

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - c

“The path is a ‘C’ too.” My son took this one. I’m impressed with his photography.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - e

I think he cheated on the “e” a little bit.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - F

“F” was really hard to find. And really hard to see on this picture, but we FINALLY found one.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - H

My daughter grabbed the camera for this picture because she noticed that the brown boxes around the windows of this building we saw look like capital “H”s.

 Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - I or l

My son pointed out a stick is really a lower case “l.” It can also be used as a capital “I.”

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - L

Any 90 degree angel could also count as an “L.”


“O”s are everywhere. Car tires, drain pipes, branches that have been cut. They are all over the place.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - S

My son may have cheated on the “S” a little bit too.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - V

I pointed out early in the walk as I was still trying to find easy examples that these tree trunks make a “V.”

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - V

But when I saw this picture of a “V” that my son took, I was blown away by how cool his picture is!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - Y

This tree is sort of a “Y” if you can ignore some of the back branches.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - n or h

We took this picture of a crack in the sidewalk upside down thinking it could be a lower case “n” or “h.”

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - Y

But then we realized that right side up, it is the coolest “Y!”

I’m only joking about my son cheating on some of the letters. He still found them and got pictures…right? But that is a great way to do it if you have younger kids. It’s hard to see the letters so abstractly unless you are totally familiar with them. But finding them on signs is a great way to have an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt for letter recognition practice.

After we got done taking pictures of the letters, we made words out of some of them too.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - Make Words

We liked this “FAMILY” one so much, we temporarily put it on the wall using Post-It Picture Paper that I use to stick pictures to the fridge. (It looks much better in person.) It’s so cute, I might even get the letters properly framed!

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