April/May Lifestyle Favorites

April Favorites - momissuchanerd.comI want to mention that I don’t consume just to consume. I would never buy or recommend a product that hasn’t actually improved our lives in one way or another. So these items are really ones that I can truly say have made a difference.

  1. Prepworks by Progressive Stainless Steel Herb Ball
    I love this little strainer ball. I ordered it when I was looking for a way to use loose leaf tea. I looked through a bunch of different products and this is the one I finally settled on. I didn’t realize how big it was, but now love the size because I can use it to make pitchers of iced tea all summer long. It just clips right on the side of a pitcher, so you can poor in the hot water, let it steep, and then cool it down. Add some fruit and you have the perfect pitcher of iced tea!
  2. Gear Beast Running Belt
    My car got hit on the side of the road and was in the shop for a couple months. During that time, I figured out that our new place is only a couple of miles or so from the kids’ schools. So I used it as an excuse to start running again. I would run to the school and then walk back with the kids. But I was running WITH MY PURSE! It was crazy, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t be prepared. Finally, I ordered this running belt and while it looks small, I am able to fit my phone, ID, keys, and a snack in it. So I am so prepared!

  3. Thug Kitchen Cookbook
    I was given this cookbook by my brother and sister-in-law-to-be (that’s a lot of dashes). And I absolutely love it! I have cooked a number of meals out of it and I keep it propped up on my counter. I love the food. It is great and my new go-to. It is also amazing kitchen art. It’s so cool and a good reminder to “eat like you give a f*ck.”
    April Favorites - momissuchanerd.com
  4. Zoob Racers
    I work full time from home and my son only goes to Kindergarten until 11:40 (plus I take care of my dad in the afternoons and evenings). So sometimes I need my son to be able to entertain himself. I do print out worksheets, put out craft projects, books, flash cards, etc, but sometimes a toy that he is able to play with by himself is a huge help. Plus I think that while I love to play with my kids, sometimes it is good for them to learn how to entertain themselves. Anyway, my mom gave my son these Zoob Racers for his birthday and they fit the bill perfectly. They are easy enough for him to do on his own (he’s 6) and he can either follow the instruction booklet or use his own creativity.
    April Favorites - momissuchanerd.com
  5. My DIY Lattes
    So this is not a product, but it has revolutionized my mornings. I cannot keep spending money or other resources on picking up my Caramel Soy Lattes. My mom had instant coffee packets in her cupboard that she did not like and wasn’t going to use. So she let me have them. I decided to attempt to make my own version of a latte. I used the coffee packets (I know nothing about coffee, please let me know in the comments what kind of coffee you recommend), almond milk, and coconut sugar. I use about equal parts coffee and almond milk, whisking the almond milk on the stove to make it bubbly. I sweetened the coffee with the coconut sugar and then added the milk to it. I’ve started making them in mason jars. It fits just perfectly.
    DIY Latte - momissuchanerd.comDIY Latte - momissuchanerd.comApril Favorites - momissuchanerd.com

You can watch me babble about them here if you would like:

What products have helped change your life recently?



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