Cardboard Halloween Gravestones

We made these super last minute last year. I hastily posted them anyways, but here’s an updated repost in a semi timely manner.  We are remaking new ones this weekend. They are so simple, fun, and free (or inexpensive depending on the status of your children’s paint stockpile).

Last year I got boxes from the kitchen at my office. They stocked up on sweets at Costco so I grabbed the boxes before they hit the recycling bin.  This year we’ve had a fair amount of deliveries, shipments, and moves so there seems to be cardboard everywhere. We just grabbed some.

First we cut the boxes on the corner, leaving the flap on so it would stand.

Then the kids drew their gravestone shapes on the pieces of cardboard.


Then I cut it with an exacto knife.


Then we painted them gray by mixing black and white paint.



We decorated by using mostly red paint and red puff paint to make them creepy.  It took a while for them to dry enough to be able to stand up. Although a little bit of dripping will look spooky!


Most stood on their own. A couple needed makeshift stands. We simple cut triangles out of cardboard and taped them onto the back.

Then we just set them outside! Spooky!

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