DIY Felt Christmas Tree Wall Hanging for the Littles

I love decorating for Christmas. And wanted to include the kids and the playroom in the Christmas spirit.  But a lot of decorations are not really for playing with. Even the interactive ones, like musical or wind up decorations, are still more decorative.  Especially if you have younger kids.

felt tree (3)

So last year, I created the Felt Christmas Tree. It’s a great way to bring Christmas to the playroom, kitchen, or wherever else the kids hang out.

What I used:
Large green felt
Multi-color pack of felt sheets, any size
Printouts from the internet

What I did:
First I unfolded the green felt and cut it into a tree shape.  Do this whatever way is easiest for you. I took a pencil and drew and redrew a Christmas tree shape at least 8 times before my friend, Stacy, came over, folded the felt in half lengthwise and started cutting triangle shapes from the sides.  It was so much more effective.  I always tend to overthink the simple things.

Then, I went online and did an image search for an outline of a bell, star, and circles of different sizes.  I printed them and used them as a template to cut out bells, stars, and circles from the other colors of felt. If your crafty, you could probably free hand some pretty cute ornaments.

Put your tree on the wall. Last year I used a glue stick. This year I just used masking tape to affix the points to the wall. The tree probably could use an ironing and maybe a little more tape or glue this year (as you can see in the picture it is sort of billowing off the wall) but regardless it is still providing lots of entertainment.

And you’re done! It’s seriously that easy.


Now you can just let the kids put the ornaments on it!  Felt has this beautiful property in that it just clings to itself.  So the kids can reposition the ornaments as they please.

 My son loves to sort the ornaments by shape or color as well.  So that adds a cool, educational factor to it.

Hope you and your littles enjoy their new Felt Christmas Tree!


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