DIY Maple Taffy

My daughter had a really cool French extra credit assignment. For extra credit, she made a video of herself making Maple Taffy. It was really fun (and really sweet)!

I asked her if I could share her video on here and she gave me permission. So here is her video:

My hand is horribly shaky apparently! But she did all of the cooking and editing herself!

And here is how to make Maple Taffy:

Ingredient: Maple Syrup
Needs: pot
wooden spoon
adult (if older kids are helping out)
cookie sheet/pan/flat surface
snow/crushed ice
spoon/craft stick
What to do:
Bring the maple syrup to a light boil on the stove.
Turn the heat down and continue to stir until has a thicker consistency.
Spread the snow (or crushed ice) out on the cookie sheet.
Drizzle the warm syrup in lines on the snow.
Press the back end of a spoon or a craft stick on the end of a line of maple syrup and roll the stick, winding the hardening maple syrup around it.

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