DIY Toys That Make Letter/Sight Word Learning FUN

I always loved the idea of bath markers and crayons, but the problem is that they inevitably end up in the grout between the tiles and then we have red and blue grout for a while because it is just a BITCH to get out.  Then I figured out a really cool alternative – craft foam. It clings to surfaces when it gets wet so it will stick to the side of the tub and wall without leaving any residue behind. At first, I just cut shapes and we made Mr. Potato-esque art during bath time, but then I realized this might be a great way to help my 4 year old son with his letter, number, and sight word recognition.

Craft foam (I ordered these from Amazon)
Possibly printable letters (Google image search this)

I used a google image search to find and print a letter “A.”  (This is pretty unnecessary, but may help a little if you need it.)  I used this to cut an uppercase letter A from my first piece of craft foam.  There was a nice size rectangle left so I decided to cut the lower case “a” out of the same color.  I chose to do it this way to add another hint when matching.

2015-02-14 07.46.35 (2)


Cut as many letters as you want.  I made sure to cut out enough letters that both kids’ names could be spelled along with sight words we’ve been working on including “and,” “it,” “is,” and “the” amongst others.  I didn’t use printables for any of these.  But I did use previously cut letters just to make sure that the sizes were approximately equal.

2015-02-14 07.48.30 (2)

2015-02-14 07.49.49 (2)


Throw these in the tub along with your child and watch them have a ball.  You can help them to spell words, name letters, write a sight word in uppercase and have them do the lowercase under it, etc etc etc.  I try to do a bit, but I don’t want to make it seem too educational at this point.  They have that at school and I want reading and writing as much fun for them as it is for me.

2015-02-14 07.52.47 (2)         2015-02-14 07.53.47 (2)

So sometimes, the 9 becomes a P or the lower case “n” gets turned on it’s side and becomes a “c” or whatever other possibilities.

2015-02-14 07.55.26 (2)

Don’t forget the importance of an equal sign!  2015-02-16 23.21.50 (2)

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