Holiday Gifts for the Health Conscious

What to give? What to give? Why is it always so hard to buy presents. And since I’m all about healthy living, I enjoy giving presents that help promote a healthy lifestyle. I think it is amazing how the little behaviors we choose right now add up to make such a difference in the future. Why not help make that decision easier?


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The other day, my daughter kept wanting me to park closer while we were running errands. I told her it wasn’t so bad to park further away. We could get more steps that way! She told me steps don’t count unless you have a fitbit tracking them. Guess what she’s getting for Christmas.

Yoga mat
These Gaiam yoga mats are just so pretty and just the right amount of sticky for me! I could see myself doing yoga JUST so I could get out this beautiful mat. (I’m just now realizing that apparently I have a thing for elephant motifs.)

Yoga blocks
Are yoga blocks a super misunderstood piece of
exercise equipment or is it just me? When I started yoga seriously (about 10 years ago or so probably) I thought yoga blocks were just for people who weren’t quite as flexible. As I continued my practice I realized the beauty of yoga blocks – they grow with you. They can be used to help with arm balances, range of motion exercises, and even to increase the depth of some of your stretches when you get super flexible.

Running belt
I love this running belt I purchased from Amazon last spring. I wore it running to my son’s school to pick him up. I’d stick my ID, my phone, and a snack for my son it. Then he could munch while we walked home. I had done it before I had the belt – carrying things in my hand, my bag, or my bra so I’m not saying that it can’t be done without a running belt, but oh, it made it so much easier.

Weight set
Sound weird? Maybe, but seriously people love gifts that they can actually use. One year I got my brother a cast iron cookware set. I thought I had gotten him the heaviest possible Christmas present. But no! He got me a weight set similar to this one. It was years ago and I still have them and get aim to use out them a few times a week!

Magazine subscription
Online or in paper, a good magazine is still fun to look forward to. There are some cooking magazines, fitness magazines, running, skiing, snowshoeing, yoga, or tango dancing magazines. There’s neurology and entrepreneurial and the list goes on and on. I still find that one of the best ways to find new and fun magazines is by walking into Barnes and Noble and checking out the magazine section. The selection there is amazing! Of course there are amazing cookbooks and other books there too that make great presents.

Subscription Box
I have a subscription to Purple Carrot*. It was amazing in helping me get my life back in order. The meals have all been absolutely amazing for me and some more than others for the kids – of course.
But other subscription boxes that might be fun for busy people who really want to prioritize their health (that I am dying to try – but am not linking to because I don’t have experience with) include Nature Box, Urthbox, and Graze. I always forget to buy enough snacks for some reason so having them show up at my door would be awesome. Why not give the gift of a box or two?My parents and brother have often given each other subscription boxes for things like 3 months of different popcorn flavors, or 3 months of surprise ice cream flavors, fun things like that. There are even yoga boxes, jewelry boxes, and other interests. If you know what someone is into, you could very well find a subscription box to it.rock

This is my favorite!
Something like a 5 climb pass to the
local rock gym will keep us all active on those days you just don’t even know what to do with yourself and the kids (mostly the kids). There are museums, gardens, rock gyms, parkour gyms, indoor trampoline or bouncy house buildings. Or go the more artsy route for some winter self expression – painting classes (preferably BYOB if for adults!), paint-your-own pottery places, and art studios. I gave my daughter a gift card for horseback riding one time. That was fun. Experiences are an amazing gift that don’t end up broken cluttering up the floor or dining room table in a few months and they are always appreciated.

Other great gifts would be bath salts or bubble bath for relaxation, some fuzzy socks, a yoga strap, a gym bag, or a gift card for some new running shoes. Baking healthy  treats for friends and neighbours are a sweet gift too.

What gifts are you giving this year?

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