How to Make a Duct Tape Mermaid Tail

Has your daughter desperately decided to become a mermaid? Does she beg you to buy her $200 mermaid tails and/or monofins from etsy? No?!?!?! Lucky! But still keep reading because this is pretty cool regardless. And she’ll think you are super cool, I’m sure. My daughter loves mermaids and as much as I want to participate in her sense of whimsy and wonder, I simply can’t afford to spend massive amounts of money on a tail. Time to take that overactive imagination and… NERDCRAFT! With a pair of my old leggings (for some odd, very un-minimalist reason I had a bunch from my last pregnancy), some cardboard, and a bunch of duct tape.  I can’t say for certain how much duct tape we used because we kind of just used up the last of a bunch of rolls we had that were already almost done. Phonto First We had to tape a couple pieces of cardboard together to get the tail the size she wanted it.  Then traced the shape and cut it out.  It didn’t matter that it was a couple pieces of cardboard because we made sure to overlap them enough that it would be flimsy (and then it would ultimately be covered in duct tape).  It is the shape of the picture and, I’m not sure you can tell, the proximal end continued about halfway up her feet.  We then wrapped it  in duct tape, leaving the protruding, proximal end bare.  (I may have missed a couple places on the back.) Next, comes the leggings.  We used an old pair of my leggings because she was able to fit both of her legs in one leg. We cut the other leg off and gave it a super quick stitch, but you can just as easily tuck it in if you want to attempt to preserve your leggings.  So in she got, we stuck the cardboard tail in, covering about half of the bottom of her feet and pulled the end of the leggings down over her toes.  Then we continued to duct tape. The hard parts were making sure not to duct tape it too tightly so she can get in and out and determining just where to duct tape and where not to.  The key is not duct taping the heels and ankles.  Also, after the picture was taken we decided to unwrap the blue and white section around her knees. Voila! You have a mermaid tale.  No, it is not waterproof (but she has begun to undergo testing to figure out how to make one waterproof.)  Also be prepared to become her personal transportation system as you will now play a pivotal role in dragging her around from place to place around the house because she will be completely immobilized, but hey sometimes that latter part is not so bad. (Just kidding!) Don’t act like you never wanted to spend your day off making a mermaid tail! 😉

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