Kids’ Refashion: When Well-Intentioned Family Members Give Kids White Clothes

My daughter was given a pair of white shorts this summer.  It was a really nice gesture, but unfortunately at camp, the kids sit in dirt a LOT.  So the white shorts did not stay white for long.  Obviously they couldn’t be given away – no one wants someone’s dirty clothes! So we decided that instead of being wasteful and tossing them, we would do a refashion!  Squeeee!  I love refashions!  And I also love trying to be mindful of the environment.

Buying new shorts means more factories churning out more clothes.
Throwing away the old ones means more junk sitting in landfills – okay somehow we could recycle them I’m sure and will when the time comes,
Plus I can’t help think about the people working in the factories or should I say sweatshops because it is really REALLY hard to guarantee that any clothing company doesn’t use sweatshops – even they don’t know it much of the time

So instead of tossing them, we tie dyed them!

The Preparation
Big man tie dyed one of his white shirts and in this picture is working on a community service project we are doing – more to come on that
Back view
Front view (Sorry I didn’t realize it was blurry)
She gets compliments on her shorts all the time!

What tips and tricks do you have to extend the life of your or your children’s clothes?

Here are some other awesome re-fashions I love:
The Re-Fashionista – the entire blog is amazing!
hese amazing Comic Book Shoes (#13)
Or how about turning Curtins into a Skirt

These are the tie dyes we used:
Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit
Note – this is an affiliate link.  You won’t spend any more, but I will make a tiny %age to help me grow my blog and do more cool stuff like this with the kids.

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