Lessons from the Littles: Life is about the Journey not the Destination

journeyWe are always rushing! Gotta go here, gotta go there. It’s like non-stop. All in the name of getting stuff done. We rush to school. We rush to sports. Even when all we have to do is play, we rush. We rush to playdates. We rush to the playground.


Such is the exact situation we were in the other day. We recently moved into a new development and there is a big park with a playground within a fairly reasonable distance. I wanted to try the trails and see if we could figure out which one would take us to the playground. I mean, one of them HAS to, right? So, of course, I’m thinking I’m being the cool, let’s-savor-life, living-in-the-moment kind of mom as we are heading to the trails. But nevertheless, I’m on a mission. I’m going to find that trail that will take us straight to the playground so we can play.


See the irony yet?  Read more

So I’m rushing the kids along the trail determined to be that cool, explore the trail, find the way to the playground, so we can play whenever we want when I turn around and they are rolling down the hill! First just the one. Then the other. Then of course one tackles the other and they end up rolling body over body down the hill together. Shrieking and gasping for air as the laughter takes over their bodies. “Guys come on! Don’t you want to get to the playground so we can play?” But they didn’t hear me over the sounds of their own laughter.


Of course, it finally hit me. They were having fun! Right there. It wasn’t about getting to the playground to have fun. It isn’t about the destination. It’s about the here and now. It’s about making the most of every second, of every situation, of every new experience.


Sometimes you have to stop worrying about where you are going and just roll down the hill.


Or take a selfie by the tunnel



Or laugh at yourself getting stuck inside the muddy tunnel

me: Stuck in the Tunnel


Listen to the woodpecker in the tree



Check out bridges









Find a bench…or a ramp and sit

IMG_0202 IMG_0256







Run all around

IMG_0192 IMG_0230







Or just lay in the grass and laugh









Because if you are so focused on where you are trying to get or supposed to be all the time, you might just miss the amazing things you have right here right now.


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