Make Your Own Golden Snitch Ornaments

So I know I missed a couple of posts that should have happened this past week.  But believe me, it’s not because I didn’t want to or forgot.  This blog and some potential blog posts have been swirling around in my head like a cow in a twister.  (If you recall…if I mentioned…I’m back in school to further my career, so this week was finals and of course still a regular 40 hour work week, I practically had to force myself NOT to blog because I needed to keep blinders on.

This morning, when we woke up, it was time to nerdcraft!  A while ago, we were in WalMart (I needed to buy a headlight bulb for my car) and we passed an end display with styrofoam ball ornaments for 48 cents.  So we grabbed a few and started thinking.  When we settled on our idea of making golden snitches, we headed to the craft section, picked up some white school glue and gold glitter.  I knew we had craft foam at home (post to come 😉 ) and figured we could do something with that and wing it from there. (Bahaha Get it? Wing it?)

Okay so enough about me and my bad jokes…let make golden snitches!

Golden Snitch Supplies and Equipment:

2014-12-20 12.08.18
(Hot glue gun not pictured)

Styrofoam Ornaments (sytrofoam ball and a hot-glued ribbon would work as well)
Craft Foam (I would be willing to try to use poster board in its place)
Gold Glitter
Paint Brushes – to apply the glue
Card stock (My daughter made the wing template using a piece of card stock, but you could also use posterboard, construction paper, or even regular paper if you are careful.)
Paper Plate – an attempt to keep the glitter semi-contained
Green tarp – protect the carpet and the surroundings
School Glue
Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)


The first thing we did was trace the wing template on the craft foam and cut out a number of them so you have enough or extra (just in case).

Paint the styrofoam ball with the school glue and then, holding the ball over the paper plate, gently shake glitter on it until it is covered and resembles a gold disco ball.  Wait for a second before setting it on the plate to dry.  I found that it really doesn’t rub off too much.  The glitter must form enough of a barrier between the plate and the glue, I suppose.

Then, do the same to the wings.  At first we were doing one side waiting and then do the other side, but we realized that if the kids just paint both sides and cover them with glitter, I can take them and hot glue them to the ball and then just hang the whole thing to dry.

The first one we made I hot glued the wings too low on the ball:

But I think I did better with the subsequent ones:

So you don’t have much time left, but it doesn’t take long to make a golden snitch ornament!

And your house is now infected with glitter.  You’re welcome.

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