Meatless Monday Idea: Red Lentil Tacos

There are so many reasons to add a meatless meal night to your usual meal plan. It can have benefits for the environment, your health, the animals, and even your budget! I don’t want to be all preachy preachy so if you are interested in reading about Meatless Monday in more detail you can check their website out and more in depth reasons to start Meatless Monday here.


Okay, so yeah, you’re a knowledgeable mum. You’ve probably heard about Meatless Mondays about a zillion times by now. But “GIVE ME A HEALTHY RECIPE THAT THE KIDS WILL ACTUALLY EAT!” Hold on! Don’t freak out. I got you on this one. I have a kid-friendly, meat-free recipe that is so easy to throw together. Hold onto your hats! You wouldn’t even believe how good this next one is.



Meatless Monday Idea: Red Lentil Tacos
Meatless Monday Idea: Red Lentil Tacos


The Ingredients

1 cup red split lentils

1 ½ – 1 ⅔ cups waterMeatless Monday: Red Lentil Taco Ingredients

1 packet of taco seasoning or, of course, even better, your own taco seasoning mix


Other taco toppings, our favorites: sauteed peppers and onions, spinach, tomatoes, cheese (for the kids), or any other toppings you like


The Steps

  1. If you are sauteing peppers and onions, go ahead and prep them. If you like them to saute for a longer period of time (almost carmelizing) like I do, throw them on first because red lentils cook pretty quickly (10 minutes once hot).
  2. Put 1 cup of lentils in a pan. Pour 1 ½ cups water over the lentils and heat til boiling. Then turn them down to the low side and cook them for 10 more minutes.
  3. Add the taco sauce to the lentils and stir thoroughly. Add more water to get desired texture if necessary.Meatless Monday: Red Lentil Taco Toppings
  4. Prepare all of your toppings. Dice the tomatoes, toss them and the spinach into bowls. Get out the cheese or whatever else. Put the peppers and onions in another bowl. Put the lentils with the evenly distributed taco seasoning in a bowl too. And present it all beautifully on the fancy dining table (or errrrrrrrrrrr kitchen counter/peninsula thing.)
  5. Toss your tortillas in the “nuker” for approx 30 seconds just to warm them up a bit.
  6. Grab a tortilla, fill it with all sorts of toppings, replacing the meat with lentils.
  7. Crinkle up your nose or make that face you know you want to make, but be ready to be pleasantly surprised. Because these are some yummy scrummy fill your tummy tacos.Meatless Monday: Red Lentil Tacos


What is your families favorite Meatless Monday go-to meal?

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    1. HAHAH! My kids are not fond of the idea of eating meat so they love it. My parents however will not come over for dinner because I don’t serve “real food” (a.k.a. straight up meat and potatoes – okay, well I actually LOOOOOOOVE potatoes)

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