Our Christmas Countdowns

I’m kind of dreading Christmas this year. It will be the first Christmas without my mother. (Deja Vu – I just said this about Thanksgiving didn’t I?) Well she was the kind of Grandmother that loved to buy things for her grandkids. Generally on Christmas night, I would take about half of what she bought and save it for their birthdays, but still the living room would be covered in presents. I can’t (and really don’t want to) do the same thing this year. But I am a little concerned because it is going to be so very different. And I haven’t even thought about Christmas dinner yet! GAH!

But the countdown to Christmas has been so much fun. We have lots of themed activities going on.

We found a whole bin of Christmas books in my parents attic so we’ve been reading them at night along with the book we’re reading together as a family.
Christmas countdown

The kids have the usual chocolate advent calendar. And my daughter also came up with her own genius advent calendar.

Christmas countdown adventChristmas countdown adventChristmas countdown advent

It’s super cute. She handed us envelopes. Inside those envelopes were little envelopes she made out of construction paper with numbers on them. Inside was a paper with a quote from a Christmas movie, book, or song. And she made different ones for me and my son. That creativity…

And of course, the good old elf on the shelf was back. Last year he started out strong by t-ping the Christmas tree, but this year, he was a bit smarter and paced himself.

Christmas countdown elf on the shelf

He arrived by the chimney on the ladder. Then he did things like hang out on the Christmas tree.
Christmas countdown elf on the shelfChristmas countdown elf on the shelfChristmas countdown elf on the shelfChristmas countdown elf on the shelf

He did some silly things a couple times – like when we found him hiding amongst the dog treats sneaking waffles and┬ásyrup (one of the elf major food groups!)

Christmas countdown elf on the shelf

Or when he was using the cardboard bathroom my daughter made

Christmas countdown elf on the shelf

Or when he got into the bag of insta-snow the kids made at a Christmas festival.

Christmas countdown elf on the shelf


I think my daughter’s countdown is my favorite this year. What are you doing this year as a countdown?

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