Thankful Wheel – a Thanksgiving craft from things around the house

On Thanksgiving, it’s always fun to think about all of the things we have to be thankful for.  One fun way to do this with kids of all ages is with the Thankful Wheel.  It’s a super quick and fun craft that can be done by the kids while waiting for the food to cook.


What you’ll need:
Two paper plates OR two pieces of cardstock cut into circles
Brass fasteners OR a long stemmed eyelets
(I’m also convinced there’s a way to do it with string or something more common.)
Pencil, pen, crayons, and/or markers
Construction paper, scissors, and glue (optional step)

Steps to take:
Cut a pie piece out of one of the plates/circles.  You can cut a fifth, sixth, or more or less.  DO NOT CUT ALL THE WAY TO THE MIDDLE!  It might be helpful to locate and mark the center point before you cut.  So you can be sure not to cut it out. You need to be able to use the center point to attach the two plates.

Write “I’m thankful for” on and decorate the plate you cut. You can cut and glue construction paper to it, put stickers on it, and/or color it.  Have fun with this step.  For my kindergartener, it was a good opportunity to practice writing as well.

Pierce a hole through the center point of the plates with your fastener.  Connect the two plates with the “pac man” plate on top.

Once your plate are connected, write what you are thankful for on the bottom plate through the space on the first plate.  Spin your top plate until you can no longer see the first thing you wrote and write something else you are thankful for in the next opening.

Continue to write and spin until you have completed your Thankful Wheel.


Then you can even share with friends and family.  This can be a way to facilitate sharing for kids, if you like to go around the table before dinner.  Or just a great way to get kids to think about multiple things they have to be thankful for.

Some of the things my kids wrote include:
my pets
turkeys (alive)
Starbucks (yup, 10 year old daughter)

Have fun making your Thankful Wheels!

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Do your kids stick with the usual things to be thankful for?  Did they say anything funny or cute?  Please share!  I love to hear those stories!

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  1. Great wholesome family game idea. These days everything is techno gadgeted. This is nice and it brings back good family fun with laughter and conversations. Mom is not such a nerd afterall is my take ha ha! 😀 Happy Sunday

    1. Haha! Thank you. You know I’m showing my kids this as evidence of my not-so-needy status! 🙂 I agree about technology. Sometimes we really need to just spend time together talking without a screen right in our faces. (My son disagrees, but I keep trying!)

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