Watermelon Spinach Smoothie – sounds weird but it’s soooo good.

I’ve written before about how my kids and I love our green smoothies. I was in a funk for a while with them.  I just couldn’t bring myself to blend in the morning. What is that?!?But my kids were missing them (and honestly I knew in my head I was too). Plus if my kids start the day with a green smoothie, at least I know that whatever happens in school or on the road, they’ve had a bit of fruits and vegetables.Spinach Watermelon Smoothie

So my daughter came downstairs the other day claiming that she was craving a watermelon smoothie and proceeded to take the spinach out of the fridge. This stopped me in my tracks.  Spinach and watermelon in a smoothie? Together?  Welp, alright kiddo, the blender is that way. ->  So she made her Spinach Watermelon Smoothie.  It followed the same pattern as our usual smoothies (in this post), but I was blown away at how delicious it was! This one is definitely a keeper!

Here is our recipe:

Watermelon Spinach Smoothie
Makes 1 serving or 2-3 drinks

1 cup spinach
1 cup watermelon cubes
1 banana
2-3 oz water

Put it all in the blender and blend.  Add more water if you are having a hard time blending.  It won’t need much though, because the watermelon has so much liquid.
Drink it and enjoy!Watermelon Spinach Smoothie


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