We Made our own Window Clings!

So you know those window clings you can buy at the store?  Those “stickers” that can actually go on windows and still come back off?  For some reason putting stickers on windows is so much fun, more fun than putting them on paper or some other reasonable place.  Imagine how even much more fun it would be if you could make the stickers yourself?  Then you could display your own artwork on the windows for all to see.2014-12-10 21.16.34 (2)

Now you can!

It is so easy to make your own window cling!

All you need is:
puff paint
good wax paper

Unfortunately the quality of your wax paper makes a HUGE difference.  We first used Reynold’s wax paper and it worked like a beaut!  But as we began to run out (the third time we made them, this time with friends) I pulled out the dollar store wax paper we had in the pantry as backup – bad idea.  It wasn’t as waxy and ripped far too easily.  That time ended up being such a bust.

2014-12-10 21.20.46 (2)So what you do is:

  • Paint on the wax paper with your puff paint.  (Thicker lines are crucial, if you have fine lines it will just pull or tear.)
  • Let the paint dry.  We just wait overnight to avoid curious little fingers from “just checking.”
  • Peel it off of the wax paper and stick it to a window.

It’s so fun and simple!

2014-12-10 21.24.02 (2)            2014-12-10 21.23.14 (2)
(They were so excited that they couldn’t even wait until they got dressed to start peeling and vandalizing decorating the windows!)

Just remember my two important tips:
1.The quality of the wax paper matters so much!
2. Try to keep the lines THICK.  If the lines are fine or the pattern flimsy, go back over it or fill it in.  Otherwise, you may end up with it falling apart, sticking to itself, or just NOT working.


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